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Specific expert advice for your hair type!

Learn more about your own hair in 20 min than you may have known in your whole life!

Discover Your Hair

Your curly or textured hair is one of a kind and requires an individual approach for daily maintenance.

Our process uses artificial Intelligence technology to provide you with advanced hair, health and lifestyle insights. You will learn about your hair and its distinct traits.

Receive Instant product recommendations based on your unique hair type.

Uncover great products that work for your hair now!

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Start By taking Hair Pictures

Your hair images are needed to conduct a detailed hair analysis and assess its condition. Your report will include your hair’s unique ID and points to indicate overall hair health.

Discover your:
  • Hair Texture
  • Hair Type
  • Porosity
  • Density

What do these terms mean? See Hair ID page

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Easy Online Consultation

By using a quite a few questions, we evaluate a range of factors around your hair, health and lifestyle to discover exactly what your hair needs.

Over 100+ factors are analysed to create your ideal product recommendation.

Hold up! Before you start read the How it works page it helps

How it works


Advanced match making - Our technology will match you with top quality hair products based on your individual hair type,hair goals, and lifestyle information..

Product recommendations currently include:
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Suggested add ons - (e.g) oils,sealants etc
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Unfortunately, everyone’s skin is different, and while one person might be sensitive to an ingredient, the next person may be fine with it.So, it’s a case of trial and error to rule out the products your scalp doesn’t like!

Love is in the hair!

Learn to love your hair

Our smart service uses technology and expert knowledge to help you decided which products you should use on your unique hair and become empowered by knowing why your using it!

The process will match you to great products that actually work with your hair, not against it

Feature #1 Set Goals

Reach your ultimate hair goals

Feature #2 Untangle Issues

Resolve life changing hair issues

Feature #3 Advice & Insights

Tailored hair care product recommendations with health and lifestyle insights

Improving Hair Care Forever!

Our technology works with you to continually improve your hair and your products.